The Cajun Fish Fryer offers an estimated 70% reduction in oil use. We recommend changing oil after 25-30 normal cooking's and straining the oil after every 5th cooking.  The double oil life expectancy and the revolutionary design allows you to recoup your investment within a short time.
  Features of the Cajun Fish Fryer:
Treager Grills Authorized Dealer

* Versatile, high performance, low maintenance gas fryers that are unsurpassed in quality.

* Single basket units are table-top models only.

* The 4 gallon and the 6 gallon fryer have 2 baskets and come with a stand which is included in the price.  They can be separated from the stand to use as a table-top or tailgate model.

* The 8 ½ gallon fryer has three baskets and is welded to the stand, therefore it cannot be separated.

* The baskets are a high quality design for easy and safe frying.  The baskets have a nickel plated finish and are made of an evenly distributed wire mesh for perfect frying every time.  The handles are plastic coated to stay cool to the touch.

* Custom sizes are available by special order only upon request.

* All models are available in stainless steel.  Please contact for pricing.

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