A Safer Fryer
  Cooking a large item such as a turkey in a conventional fryer can cause an overflow of oil. While placing the turkey into the hot oil, the water retained within the bird will cause the cooking oil to rise more than normal, thus causing an eruption of hot oil.  This oil overflow could spill over into the flame that is located beneath the pot, causing an explosion or a flash-fire.  With the Cajun Fish Fryer, this danger is eliminated because the flame is located in the rear of the cooker and is contained within a fire tube. All overflow, accidental or not, will spill over the front of the cooker, away from the flame.  This creates a much safer cooking environment.

Note:  With a conventional fryer the overflow comes out all around the top of the pot and spills directly on the fire.



With the design of our fryer, the spillage will occur in the front of the cooker, with the fire only being exposed in the rear of the cooker.  This is what makes the Cajun Fish Fryer a much safer cooker.