How the Cajun Fish Fryer works
  The success of the Cajun Fryer is due to the design of the Burner/Flue.  The Burner is positioned 6" above the bottom of the oil reservoir and is at a 45 degree angle. This prevents the food batter from collecting on the burner and allows it to fall to the bottom.  Since heat rises, the bottom never gets hot enough to burn or scorch the batter. This keeps the oil clean, cooking after cooking.

GUARANTEED--the oil stays clean and food always taste good, never scorched!

Fire burns inside the tubes to heat the oil, since heat rises, the cooking chamber is able to reach temperatures sufficient enough to fry any type of food without heating the oil in the VEE. The meal and settlements from food and batter collects in the VEE below the burner tubes--the coolest area on of the fryer.

The temperature in the VEE never exceeds 120 Degrees Fahrenheit even though the cooking chamber maintains 350o  for a hour.